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Face your Fears, Build Your Perseverance & Practice Like An Expert

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15, 22, & 29 Jan 2022

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Participants are limited to 25 people  from students aged 13-19 years and College Students!

Special Price
Rp. 2.500.000
Rp. 1.500.000/person

Why you need to join Passion Growth Camp

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But the truth is that failure is the path to your better self!

An interactive workshop that will help you face challenges, build your level of persistence and grow commitment on your journey to achieve your dreams! With this workshop, you will learn to continue to pursue your dreams according to your passion, whatever the challenges are!

How you will be learning

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Fun & interactive activities through Physical Kit & Online Whiteboard

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Group Chat
(join a community of other students on a journey of facing challenges and realizing dreams)

Guided live by Certified Career Coach

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Individual Presentation Project

(boost confidence and grow determination by presenting your dream out loud)

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Small-Group Discussions lead by Mentors

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Multidisciplinary Approach
(inspired from Stanford Life Design Lab, University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Centre, and more)

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What you will be getting

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3 Interactive Sessions

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Physical Kit
(free delivery within Indonesia)

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Recorded Video Presentation

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Optional 1-on-1 Session after Bootcamp

Note the date:

3x Saturdays (15, 22, & 29 Jan 2022)
From 10:00 - 12:30 WIB    
Held via Zoom (online)

Contact us for other dates and programs!

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What you will be learning

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Learn to confidently express your passionate dreams & interests

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Train how to bounce back & grow from your and other failures

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Learn the importance of practice & hard work to increase your potential

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Evaluate learning & decide what steps you can take to make your dreams come true

What they say about Passion Growth

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Register for Passion Growth Student Camp now!


About Vooya - Passion without Borders

Vooya is a passion-based education company which helps people to find their passion-based career through assessments from Vooya Lab; inspirational professions video from Vooya Stories; hands-on study tour experiences from Vooya Journey; and interactive career exploration & planning workshops from Vooya Coach.

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