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Learn from your mistakes to make your dreams come true!

Passion Growth is a fun and interactive workshop to help the students grow their commitment and hard work in their self-discovery journey of discovering, developing, and deepening their passion. Together with our 185 friends from BINUS School Serpong, we try to embrace challenges and see effort and hard work as a way to mastery.

What is the

Formula of Success?


Some people might say that the formulas of success are high IQ, good luck, or natural talents when it’s actually passion, perseverance, and growth mindset.

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Passion Growth is here to help the students to have a growth mindset so that they will move forward towards their dream for a lifetime of success despite the challenges.


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Passion Growth Guidebook

Our fun guidebook allows students to be hands-on in their learning process and work at their own pace. They will learn to know what mistakes are, bounce back from them, and practice the growth mindset. We want them not to be afraid of failures and move towards their dreams.

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Interactive Workshop

Our workshop requires active participation where the entire class can contribute their questions and ideas in real-time by drawing, writing comments, and more. Activities include interactive quizzes, games, and exercises from the guidebook.

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The students will have the opportunity to share how they implement growth mindset practice into their dream careers with their classmates and teachers through presentations, drawings, videos, and more. Feedbacks and words of encouragement will also be shared by their classmates to motivate each other on their career journey.

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The awarding session is held to congratulate the students on their hard work and dedication for the workshop. We want to give them further encouragement to stay motivated in their career pursuit and not to give up on their dreams.